The Garrett Gomez Story:
A Jockey's Journey Through Addiction & Salvation

by Rudolph Valier Alvarado
With Garrett
Keith Gomez
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  • Hardback
  • Full Color Dust Jacket
  • Size 6" x 9"
  • 35 B/W Photographs
  • Pages: 388
  • Index
  • End Notes
PRAISE for The Garrett Gomez Story: A Jockey's Journey Through Addiction & Salvation

"Garrett Gomez is known the world over as one of America’s outstanding professional jockeys, with multiple championships and a multitude of
Breeders’ Cup triumphs to his name. What will not be so widely known is that he has fought and won in his twin battles with alcoholism and drug
addiction. Now you can read his fascinating and troubling story, told with a raw honesty.... Few books will move the reader as this does and if you
were to read just one racing book in 2012, this should be the chosen one. A masterpiece."
---Leo Powell,
The Irish Field

"This is no feel-good saga, no celebrity biography trumpeting a long list of accomplishments. While Alvarado takes a gut-wrenching, no-holds-barred
look at the rollercoaster struggles and triumphs that have been Garrett Gomez’s life, the jockey reveals more than has ever been told. Painful and
heartbreaking at first, the book ultimately becomes a celebration of redemption against all odds... a real story of one man's battle to survive."
---Claire Novak, Eclipse Award winner,

"This book was a stunner.  With help from Rudy Alvarado, jockey Garrett Gomez opened his deepest personal wounds in the hope that his struggles
might help others who find themselves battling alcoholism or another equally devastating disease.  I know that Gomez' unflinching honesty has
already given others' strength that they too can conquer their demons and that makes this a winner right out of the gate."
---Jason Levin, host of the "Inside Racing" radio show and author of "From the Desert to the Derby."

“By carefully focusing on Garrett Gomez’s relationship between his addictions, family, and the sport that made him a star, Alvarado exposes us to
vivid snapshots of Gomez’s transformation from alcoholic and drug addict to loving father, husband, and world-class jockey. The path to recovery is
never easy, but as this book so powerfully shows the rewards of living a life free of alcohol and drugs far outweighs the daily race of one high to the
next. . . . This is truly an American success story that is sure to inspire and transform lives.”
---Robert Fletcher, Executive Director, Winners Foundation

“Dr. Alvarado does an amazing job in detailing the tumultuous life of Garrett Gomez! He leaves no stone unturned in exploring both the heights of the
talented rider's successes, and the depths of despair that have seemingly always been part of his life.”
---John Hernandez, Commentator at Prairie Meadows and Hialeah Park

"Garrett Gomez' story is so much more than just another racing story. It's an in depth look into what he has battled through to make it to the
top of the racing game.  His honesty is incredible and it's a must read for anyone who has known and loved someone who has struggled with
substance abuse."
---Becky Witzman, Producer, HRTV's Race Day America
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Dr. Rudolph Alvarado with Garrett Gomez
Initial Book Signing
Santa Anita Park
April 7, 2012
Garret Gomez
Initial Book Signing
Santa Anita Park
April 7, 2012
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